Safe and sound.

The Good Money platform follows industry standards on all security domains. Our fraud protection, industry-leading encryption, and independently tested security controls keep your money and data safe.

We follow the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council’s (FFIEC) recommended guidelines to implement security controls across multiple domains.

FDIC insured and encrypted 2

End to End Encryption

When you sign up for an account, your personal information, including your Social Security Number (SSN), is protected with two layers of end-to-end encryption keeping your data 100% secure at all steps in the process. We use your SSN to verify your identity, give you recovery options, and protect you against fraud.

Token-Based Authentication

When you link a third-party bank, we use token-based authentication to log you into your other bank. Meaning, your password for your third party bank turns into an encrypted jumble that only they can un-jumble. When they know it’s you, they permit us to access your account. We never see or store passwords for third-party accounts.

Secure Account Login

Your account is secured by several measures including two-factor authentication (2FA), a six-digit passcode, optional biometric login, device binding so only your device can access your account, and automatic logout after two minutes of inactivity.

Fraud Protection

Your deposits are FDIC insured up to $250,000 by our bank partner, Evolve Bank & Trust.2 Your Good Money card comes with MastercardⓇ Zero Liability Protection, so you won’t be held responsible for unauthorized transactions. Learn more about Mastercard Zero Liability Protection here.

Data Protection

Good Money deploys “defense in depth” measures like multi-factor authentication, password managers, industry-standard encryption, least privilege access, and next-generation tools—firewalls, anti-virus, application monitoring—to keep our systems secure.

Additionally, all Good Money employees and contractors use 2FA for accessing our critical assets. And we hire industry professionals to try hacking us periodically, so we can stay ahead of threats to our systems.

Protect Yourself

Create a unique 6-digit passcode for your account and enable biometric login if your device supports it.

We will never initiate a request for personal information via email or chat. If you’re having trouble setting up or managing your account and ask for help, we will ask you to verify some personal information through our secure customer care chat or email, depending on where you initiated the request for support.

If we call you, we will always call from our Good Money number: (855) 500-3688, and our customer care agents will identify themselves by name and title. We will ask you to verify your identity, but we’ll never ask for your full account number, card number, or SSN.

If you are unsure or feel uncomfortable at all, please end the call and call our customer care line back to ensure your security (855) 500-3688.

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