Good Money and Sutton Bank Values Pledge

Good Money provides conscious mobile banking to customers who are interested in voting with their money to create a thriving future for humanity and the planet. 

Sutton Bank is a values-oriented state chartered, FDIC insured community bank, that is the sponsor bank to Good Money’s digital and mobile banking service. 

This pledge is a binding agreement between Good Money and Sutton Bank to evidence to customers and investors of Good Money that no customer deposits will be invested in certain destructive industries. 

Specifically, Sutton Bank will not invest any Good Money customer deposits in fossil fuels, private prisons, defense contractors, mining and rainforest destruction. It’s critical to the values of Good Money and it’s stakeholders that customer deposits are not invested in these planet-destroying corporations or industries historically associated with intensely negative social justice records. 

This pledge will be valid and binding for the term of the partnership between Good Money and Sutton Bank. 

Acknowledged and Pledged:

Gunnar Lovelace
Good Money, Founder and Co-CEO

Tony Gorrell
Sutton Bank, CEO