Why does the world need Good Money?

Capitalism, as it stands, is only working for the rich and big corporations—and is crushing everyday people. Meanwhile, the tiny percentage of people who benefit from this system continue extracting more natural resources, razing more jungles, and pumping more CO2 into the air. They’re abusing our planet, exploiting people, and manipulating capitalism to serve their own self-interests. The rich are getting richer, the poor are getting poorer, and our planet is suffering because of it.
We plan to wield the most powerful system humans have ever built (capitalism) and use it to solve today’s biggest problems. Good Money is proof of a new way — a model that actively works towards economic, social, and environmental justice by incentivizing good behavior. Capitalism as-is incentivizes bad behavior (greed, exploitation). Good Money will incentivize wealth creation and social and environmental justice.
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