How much of the company is set aside for customers to own?

We can’t give a specific percentage of how much of Good Money our customers will own until we complete the Good Shares Offering (described in ‘What are Good Shares?’). But the basic principle is this: when more people start banking with us, more of the company will become owned by customers. So, if we’re successful and gain a lot of customers, over time, it could be as high as 50% of Good Money will be owned by customers.

We can do this because we’ve partnered with investors who are excited about our mission. We’re not your average VC funded tech company. We’re a win-win-win stakeholder-driven business where customers, communities, the planet, employees, and investors all benefit from our success.

With the support of our like-minded investors, we’re able to make long-bets and pioneer this new ownership model. And our investors are willing to wait and share the reward with you. Learn more about customer ownership here.

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