How does unlocking Good Shares work?

You can unlock Good Shares by doing ordinary things you’d do with any other mobile banking service. You’ll notice, it’s nothing more than banking with us:
🔓Create your free account
🔓Complete your account setup
🔓Order your free Good Money debit card
🔓Fund your account
🔓Activate your card
🔓Set up direct deposit
🔓Use your card to get up to 8% return in Good Shares

Each time you perform one of these qualifying activities, Good Money will ascribe a dollar value to that activity (a “Loyalty Value”). Good Money will then add the Loyalty Value to your Good Money account and will reserve (or “unlock”) a number of Good Shares equivalent to the Loyalty Value. For a full list of qualifying activities, please see the Good Shares Program Terms. Learn more about customer ownership here.

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