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The word on the street.

Nik26! ★★★★★

Excited for the future of banking!
I’m glad to see a company that helps the environment and makes banking eaiser!

Cruzino ★★★★★

Nice app!
I’ve been very impressed with this app so far! The verification process was quick and easy and the app is intuitive.

Andrew ★★★★★

Finally… a way to do GOOD with money!!!
The fact the 1) Good Money supports good initiatives and 2) that I can own more of my bank by using the app means it’s my fav banking app.


  • Banking with Good Money

    • How can I contact Good Money customer care?

      Email us at [email protected]
      Call us at 1(855) 500-3688
      M-F 9:00am – 6:00pm PT
      Sat 9:00am – 5:00pm PT
      Sun 10:00am – 2:00pm PT
    • We just filled up our first round of early customers, and our team is working on some big changes in the app right now. We’ll be ready to welcome in a second round of early customers soon. You can find out when the new app is ready by signing up for the waitlist at or by following us on Instagram or Facebook.
    • My Good Money app looks different—what happened?

      We’ve learned a ton from our early customers and future owners about what you want to see in the app. So, we decided to redesign the app from the ground up. While we’re retooling, the app will be a pretty bare-bones experience—but we’ll be shipping new releases often to build on what you have now. You can read more about what we’re doing and follow our latest update notes here:
    • Can I still use my card?

      Yes, you can keep using your card, just like usual.
    • Does direct deposit work?

      Yes, if you already have direct deposit set up, you will still receive it like usual. If you don’t have direct deposit set up yet, you can set it up through your employer. You’ll need to share your account and routing numbers with your HR rep or payroll platform. Find them in the app, under the More tab, then tap Account Numbers.
    • During the redesign, there are three ways to keep your account funded:
      1. You can set up direct deposit through your employer. You’ll need to share your account and routing numbers with your HR rep or payroll platform. Find them in the app, under the More tab, then tap Account Numbers.
      2. You can set up a recurring transfer to Good Money through your other bank. Just log into your other bank and set up a transfer using your Good Money account number and routing number.
      3. You can transfer funds from an already-linked bank account by getting in touch with customer care: [email protected]

      Any recurring transfers you have scheduled will be automatically canceled after we switch to the new Good Money app. And you will not be able to link new bank accounts for a short time while we redesign.

    • How can I transfer funds?

      If you have a currently linked bank account, you can make transfers to and from that account by getting in touch with customer care: [email protected]
      If you have a recurring transfer already scheduled, it will be automatically canceled after we switch to the new app.
    • No, for a short time, while we redesign, you will not be able to link a new bank account to your Good Money account. We know this isn’t ideal, and we’re working fast to make this available again.
    • How can I update my personal information?

      You can update your mailing address, phone number, email, legal name or any other personal details, by reaching out to our customer care team: [email protected]
    • Can I use my card internationally?

      Yes, you can use your Good Money card internationally by enabling international transactions. Just reach out to our customer care team: [email protected]
    • Where can I find my monthly statements?

      Your monthly statements will be available on request. Please reach out to our customer care team to receive your statement: [email protected]
    • How long will it take to redesign the app?

      We plan to have all the features you’re already familiar with back in the app in a matter of weeks.
    • Will my unlocked Good Shares still be there? (1)

      Yes, we still plan to make you an owner. Any unlocked Good Shares in your account will still be there for you, and you’ll be able to continue unlocking Good Shares with the Good Shares return program. The value of your unlocked Good Shares will be hidden in the app until we’re done with the redesign.
    • When I make a transaction, does it still protect trees?

      Yes. Positive impact is fundamental to Good Money. You won’t be able to see your impact in the app for a short time, but we’re still tracking your impact, and it will return to the app ASAP.
    • – You can become an owner by unlocking Good Shares—future equity in Good Money (1)
      – Make up to 8% return on deposits in Good Shares
      – Save 10 trees and 133 animals in the Amazon with every purchase
      – Protect more trees and animals with direct deposit and by using the app
      – Get paid up to 2 days faster with direct deposit (4)
      – We’ll invest 50% of Good Money’s profits in social and environmental justice
      – No minimum balance, overdraft, or monthly fees
      – No ATM fees at 55,000 Allpoint® ATMs
      – North American based, happy, live customer care available by phone or email
      – FDIC insured up to $250,000
      – Mastercard® with Zero Liability Protection against unauthorized transactions
      – Industry-leading encryption and security controls

      Learn about impact here.
      Learn about customer ownership here.

    • Is Good Money a real bank?

      Think of us as a conscious banking platform that brings together mission-aligned partners from across the financial and tech industries to give you banking services that you can feel good about.

      On the banking side, our banking services are provided by Evolve Bank & Trust. They custody deposits for us under their banking charter and provide FDIC insurance up to $250,000. Evolve Bank & Trust is an excellent fit for Good Money because they’re a regional bank focusing on commercial real estate loans, and they don’t fund oil and gas extraction, private prisons, or military defense contracts.

      On the technology side, we partner with industry-leading vendors who provide reliable, secure, and modern banking technologies that fit into our platform. Good Money brings them together to give you everything you expect from a bank, plus the upsides of being a good citizen. Read about our positive impact here.

    • Is Good Money available on Android and iOS?

      We’ll be welcoming new customers to our iOS app soon, followed quickly by welcoming Android users. It’ll be worth the wait 🙂
    • Yes, you can set up debit payments with billers using your account and routing numbers.
    • Transaction Limits and Disclosures

    • Transaction Settlement Times

    • Does Good Money offer credit cards/loans?

      No, we are not currently offering credit cards or loans.
    • Good Money accounts are intended for personal use. We do not currently offer business accounts.
    • No, we are not currently offering joint accounts.
    • Can I withdraw and deposit funds at an ATM?

      Yes, you can withdraw cash fee-free from over 55,000 Allpoint® ATMs locations. We do not accept cash deposits at ATMs at this time.
    • Does Good Money offer overdraft protection?

      No, we do not offer overdraft protection, and we do not charge overdraft fees. We think banks charge too many fees, so instead of penalizing you with an overdraft fee, we’ll decline the transaction. Not having overdraft protection is our way of making sure you’re not getting hit with unexpected fees.
    • Does Good Money charge fees?

      No, we don’t charge ridiculous fees. In 2017, Big Banks made $34 billion on overdraft fees alone. We don’t charge any minimum balance, overdraft, or monthly fees. And no fees at 55,000 Allpoint® ATM locations.
    • All Good Money accounts are FDIC insured, interest-bearing checking accounts. There is no minimum balance required.
  • Good Money Purpose and Vision

    • How does Good Money protect rainforests?

      We’re able to do this through our partnership with Rainforest Trust. We have a lot to say about this, because it’s actually really awesome. Check it out here.
    • How does the introductory 4% return in Good Shares work?

      Make up to 8% return in Good Shares on your deposits with Good Money. Every 10 purchases you make will increase your return by a percent. Each month you’ll start at 2%, except for the first two months, we’ll start you out at 4%!
    • How does return in Good Shares work?

      Make up to 8% return in Good Shares the more you use your card. Good Shares return is variable and driven by the frequency of your Good Money debit card usage. For the first two months after you open your Good Money account, your Good Shares return will start out at 4%. After that, your Good Shares return will start at 2% each month, and will increase by 1% for every 10 debit card swipes you make each month (up to 8%). Your return in Good Shares is calculated based on your highest settled account balance (up to $1,000) over the prior month. This means that you can unlock up to $80 in Good Shares return per year. Learn more about customer ownership here.
    • How does unlocking Good Shares work?

      You can unlock Good Shares by doing ordinary things you’d do with any other mobile banking service. You’ll notice, it’s nothing more than banking with us:
      🔓Create your free account
      🔓Complete your account setup
      🔓Order your free Good Money debit card
      🔓Fund your account
      🔓Activate your card
      🔓Set up direct deposit
      🔓Use your card to get up to 8% return in Good Shares

      Each time you perform one of these qualifying activities, Good Money will ascribe a dollar value to that activity (a “Loyalty Value”). Good Money will then add the Loyalty Value to your Good Money account and will reserve (or “unlock”) a number of Good Shares equivalent to the Loyalty Value. For a full list of qualifying activities, please see the Good Shares Program Terms. Learn more about customer ownership here.

    • What are Good Shares?

      Think of Good Shares as the most incredible rewards program ever. Instead of earning points or miles, you’ll unlock Good Shares—future equity in Good Money. The Good Shares Program allows our customers to earn an economic interest in Good Money over time. Today, Good Shares have a loyalty value, but no cash value.
      In the near future, Good Money plans to offer the Good Shares under Tier 2 of Regulation A (the “Good Shares Offering”), which will allow Good Money to issue Good Shares to qualified customers in connection with the Good Shares Program.
      Once the Securities and Exchange Commission (the “SEC”) qualifies the Good Shares Offering, you will be able to redeem Good Shares with a value equivalent to your then-current aggregate Loyalty Value if and only if (a) your Good Money account is in good standing, (b) your Good Money account has been opened and active for at least one calendar year (365 days) beginning from your Enrollment Date, and (c) you enter into a subscription agreement with Good Money pursuant to the terms of the Good Shares Offering (the “Subscription Agreement”). The face value of any Good Shares issued upon your entry into the Subscription Agreement will match, on a dollar-for-dollar basis, the aggregate Loyalty Values that you have accrued in your GMG Account immediately prior to your entry into the Subscription Agreement. Other terms and conditions governing the Good Shares issued to you, including details regarding Good Shares features, will be set forth in the Subscription Agreement. The Subscription Agreement will also include a requirement that you remain an active user of the Platform for one year prior to such time as the Good Shares are to be issued. Until the Good Shares Offering is complete, Good Shares don’t have any economic value for our customers. Learn about customer ownership here.
    • Why does the world need Good Money?

      Capitalism, as it stands, is only working for the rich and big corporations—and is crushing everyday people. Meanwhile, the tiny percentage of people who benefit from this system continue extracting more natural resources, razing more jungles, and pumping more CO2 into the air. They’re abusing our planet, exploiting people, and manipulating capitalism to serve their own self-interests. The rich are getting richer, the poor are getting poorer, and our planet is suffering because of it.
      We plan to wield the most powerful system humans have ever built (capitalism) and use it to solve today’s biggest problems. Good Money is proof of a new way — a model that actively works towards economic, social, and environmental justice by incentivizing good behavior. Capitalism as-is incentivizes bad behavior (greed, exploitation). Good Money will incentivize wealth creation and social and environmental justice.
      Learn about impact here.
      Learn about customer ownership here.
    • Is the founder a fat-cat banker?

      Nope. Good Money’s founder is a serial entrepreneur who comes to banking from a deep history of activism. Having grown up as a Latino immigrant with his single mother, Lovelace experienced first-hand the struggle of poverty. He was lucky to receive a scholarship to attend school, where his classmates were the children of the Patagonia family. That influenced his thinking about the role business should play in social and environmental good. Another company he founded, Thrive Market, focused on making healthy and organic food affordable for everyone. Good Money will focus on transforming banking’s impact on humans and the planet.
    • How can I help?

      Become a Good Money fanatic. If you believe in what we’re doing and want to help, the best thing to do is bank with us and tell your people. The way revolutionary models work is by people adopting them. When you, your friends, your parents, your ex’s all adopt Good Money, we have a better chance of shifting the Goliath, destructive banking system.
    • Who do you invest in?

      Big Banks make trillions of dollars in profit by investing in extractive capitalism: oil and gas, private prisons, coal mining, for-profit migrant detention centers. This kind of capitalism drives our society and planet to the brink, and we can no longer stand for it.

      There’s a significant wave of environmental and socially responsible investment products emerging, called ESG funds. ESG criteria rate investment on their environmental, social, and governance qualities. Funds are designated ESG when companies in the fund create positive social and environmental impact.

      ESG funds have been outperforming conventional funds in the last years, which is rad. This means investors are starting to invest based on their values. As Good Money grows and begins investing, we will not invest in planet-destroying companies or funds like the Big Banks do. We will transparently invest in high-performing, mission-aligned ESG funds.

    • How does Good Money do Good?

      Whenever you interact with a Big Bank, bad things happen; your deposits there help fund the destruction of the planet. Every time you interact with Good Money, good things happen; we fund the protection of 10 trees, 133 animals, and 484sqft in the Amazon rainforest EVERY time you use your card. And we plan to invest 50% of our profits in social and environmental justice to create a positive future for our planet. We’re stepping up where other banks have failed. Learn about impact here.
    • Does Good Money use MY money to make an impact?

      While we do make positive impact, we don’t use your money to do it. We plan to invest 50% of Good Money’s profits in social and environmental impact. And every time you use your Good Money card, you’ll protect 484sqft of Amazon rainforest from destruction, without footing the bill. When you make a purchase, we collect an interchange fee from the merchant, and then we donate part of it to fund legal land titles for indigenous communities in the Amazon. See exactly how we do this here.
    • Will I get rich?

      We are a new company, and even with awesome customers like you, there is no guarantee we will make it. While we are excited about democratizing access to wealth creation and creating a financial system that puts the planet and people before profits, we cannot promise that Good Shares will make you rich.

      Learn more about customer ownership here.

    • How does Good Money make money?

      Great question. Most banks make money off fees they charge their customers. In 2017, Big Banks made $34 billion on overdraft fees alone. Good Money doesn’t charge you ridiculous fees. We make money off the interchange fee that Mastercard charges your merchant every time you use Good Money card. Then Mastercard gives us a portion of the interchange, at no expense to you. For example, if you buy groceries with your Good Money card, Mastercard will change your grocery store a few cents to process the transaction, then they give a percentage of those few cents.
    • How much of the company is set aside for customers to own?

      We can’t give a specific percentage of how much of Good Money our customers will own until we complete the Good Shares Offering (described in ‘What are Good Shares?’). But the basic principle is this: when more people start banking with us, more of the company will become owned by customers. So, if we’re successful and gain a lot of customers, over time, it could be as high as 50% of Good Money will be owned by customers.

      We can do this because we’ve partnered with investors who are excited about our mission. We’re not your average VC funded tech company. We’re a win-win-win stakeholder-driven business where customers, communities, the planet, employees, and investors all benefit from our success.

      With the support of our like-minded investors, we’re able to make long-bets and pioneer this new ownership model. And our investors are willing to wait and share the reward with you. Learn more about customer ownership here.

    • Are Good Shares risky? Could I lose money?

      The most straightforward way to think of Good Shares is as a rewards program. We’ll reward you with unlocked Good Shares for being a loyal customer, they don’t cost you anything, and you can’t buy them anyway. Good Shares will not affect your account balance, and don’t pose a financial risk to you. You can read about how Good Shares work, and our plan to turn them in real cash here.
    • Do I get anything if my friends join Good Money?

      We’re launching a referral program soon! Until then, you can get some good karma for introducing us to your friends 🥰
    • What makes Good Money different from other banks?

      A lot.
      Big Banks are owned by fat-cat bankers. Good Money will be owned by you. Learn about customer ownership here.
      Big Banks make trillions investing in industries like oil and gas, private prisons, and war. Good Money will invest half of its profits in environmental and social justice.
      Big Banks use your deposits to lend out to those industries. Your Good Money card will protect the rainforest. Learn about impact here.
      Big Banks make a fortune off of charging you fees; In 2017, they made $34 billion on overdraft fees. Good Money doesn’t charge any minimum balance, overdraft, monthly, or ATM fees at 55,000 Allpoint ATM locations.
    • What is Good Money?

      Good Money is an activist mobile banking platform that will be owned by its customers and will invest 50% of its profits in positive social and environmental impact. Learn about impact here. Learn about customer ownership here.
  • Security and Privacy

    • If you see transactions that you didn’t make, you should call customer care asap: 1(855) 500-3688.
    • What do I do if my card is lost, stolen, or damaged?

      You can request a new debit card by getting in touch with customer care: [email protected] OR 1(855) 500-3688. If you report your card lost or stolen, it will be disabled to prevent any unauthorized transactions. You will receive a new card with a new number for your security. For the replacement of a damaged card only, you will receive a new card with the same number as your previous card.
    • How is Good Money keeping my personal information safe?

      Good Money meets or beats industry standards on all security measures. We protect your account and personal information with independently tested security controls. Multi-factor authentication, industry-leading encryption, least privilege access, and next-gen firewalls, anti-virus, and application monitoring have you covered.
    • How is Good Money keeping my money safe?

      One of our top priorities is protecting you and your cash. Deposits in your Good Money account are FDIC insured through our bank partner, Evolve Bank & Trust, up to $250,000. And your Good Money MasterCard® comes with Zero Liability Protection, so you won’t be held responsible for any unauthorized transactions.
    • Who can use Good Money?

      Good Money is for customers 18 and older, living in the US or District of Columbia. The Good Money mobile banking app supports iOS users, with Android coming soon!

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