Why we’re rising up for the Amazon

By dimitar // May 15, 2020

Why we’re rising up for the Amazon

Why we’re rising up — A note from Good Money’s CEO

I’ve dedicated my life to building businesses that address social Good. Most recently, I built Thrive Market, an online grocery store that’s democratizing access to healthy food. 

So when the Thomas Fires in California burned through my hometown in 2017, I began thinking deeply about how I could leverage all I’ve learned in my life and career to fight climate change. I realized that if we don’t transform the root of the issue — corrupt banking and our relationship with money — we don’t stand a chance at solving our climate crisis. 

In the face of our environmental emergency, our politicians are failing us. But the most powerful force we have to change the minds of our leaders and banks, is to vote with our money and our purchases, together. That’s why we started Good Money — the first conscious, no-compromises banking platform that will be owned by its customers and will invest 50% of profits in positive social and environmental impact. We believe the future of businesses is taking bold stands on the great challenges of our time, which is why we are co-launching “Amazon Uprising” to pressure the top banks to stop pumping tens-of-billions in funding into the five companies that drive 80% of Amazon destruction

If we hope to protect the world’s rainforests, we must rise up together. Each time in contemporary history when a movement of peaceful resistance mobilized at least 3.5% of the populace, the movement succeeded. That means we need 11.5mm people to rise up with us. 

So join us. Bring every ounce of energy you can spare. Gather your friends. Help spread the word. Take peaceful actions that matter. We have the historic opportunity to breathe life into a future of sustainable abundance that we all know is possible. 

We’re celebrating our power together which is why we’re hosting dance protests and working with our lawyers to figure out ways to flood the corporate switch boards of top banks. We can win this campaign. Just last year, our partners won a campaign to force big banks to divest from private prisons. We, as a coalition with your help, can win again for the Amazon. 

I pledge to you to do my part, as does the entire team at Good Money. And mark our words, we will not rest until Big Banks divest from companies destroying our planet. And beyond that, we know that together, we can — and will — change the entire financial system for Good. 

Thank you for your support and Goodness.

Agent Lovelace

CEO/Founder, Good Money