Black Lives Matter

Protest, petition, and call your representative
Donate to bail fund
Register to vote

Our hearts are broken with you. We’re reeling between anguish and anger, but we refuse to give in to hopelessness.
Black lives matter. George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor matter. Structural racism must end.
The big players in the financial system have propped up structural racism by funding private prisons, systematically denying people of color access to loans and mortgages, limiting credit for minorities, mistreating employees of color, and locking millions of people of color out of banking by using ChexSystems. This stops now.

We’re in this fight, and we’re committed to staying in it. Long after the hashtags stop trending, Good Money will remain an activist banking platform. We are dedicated to democratizing ownership and wealth creation for ALL Americans, fighting for social and environmental justice, and refusing to be part of the old frameworks that have entrenched banks in racist practices.

Stand against racism and those who further it.

✊Thank you for giving a shit.