Banking for people
who give a sh\t.

Get paid up to 2 days early, 4 forget about fees, 5 build future equity in Good Money, 1 and protect trees and animals when you bank with us.

Fee-free banking
for all.

In 2017, Big Banks made $34 billion on overdraft fees. That’s shady. We’re not trying to get rich off fees that screw you over, that’s why we don’t charge you minimum balance fees, monthly fees, or overdraft fees.

55,000+ fee-free ATMs.

Get cash without a fee at over 55,000 Allpoint ATMs. That’s more fee-free ATMs than Chase, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and Citibank combined.

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Get paid up to 2 days faster with direct deposit.

It’s true. When you set up direct deposit with Good Money you’ll get paid up to 2 days faster, and you’ll unlock extra Good Shares—future equity in Good Money.

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World-class customer care.

Get in touch at 1(855) 500-3688
or [email protected]

M-F 9:00am – 6:00pm PT
Sat 9:00am – 5:00pm PT
Sun 10:00am – 2:00pm PT

Whenever you need us, our North American based customer care team will be there for you. We don’t bot. We’re people-people.

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Build future equity in Good Money.

Usually, with tech start-ups, only founders, rich Wall Street investors, and fat cat bankers get equity in new companies. Good Money wants to give this opportunity to you, that’s why we reward you with Good Shares—future equity in our company. Invest in your future, get rewarded with Good Shares.

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Earn up to 8% return in Good Shares.

Earn up to 8% return in Good Shares on your deposits with Good Money. Every 10 purchases you make increases your return in Good Shares by a percent. Each month you’ll start at 2%, and you can work your way up to 8%. Game our system. We want you to get that high return.

Every purchase protects the rainforest.

Through our partnership with Rainforest Trust, we made it possible for you to do something real to save the rainforest. Every time you make a purchase, you’ll fund the legal land titles of indigenous communities to 484sqft of Amazon jungle. Best part? This costs you nothing.

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Activist banking for a better future.

We’re bringing activism to banking because banks are failing us. Big banks make trillion$ by investing in destructive industries like oil and gas, private prisons, coal mining, and for-profit migrant detention centers. Good Money is an activist mobile banking platform that will not invest in extractive capitalism—we’ll invest 50% of profits in social and environmental justice.

FDIC insured.

Your deposits are FDIC 2 insured up to $250,000, and your Good Money MasterCard® comes with Zero Liability Protection, so we won’t hold you responsible for any unauthorized transactions.

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Secure so you can be wild.

Good Money meets or beats industry standards on all security measures. We protect your account and personal information with independently tested security controls. Multi-factor authentication, industry-leading encryption, least privilege access, and next-gen firewalls, anti-virus, and application monitoring have you covered.

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