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ball Barclays iShares KLD Select Social Index; seeks to maximize exposure to large capitalization companies that have positive social and environmental characteristics while at the same time maintaining risk and return characteristics similar to the Russell 1000; inception 2005

ball Blue Fund; 2 funds; inception 2006; invests in companies that both "act blue" and "give blue" --- portfolios are based on core progressive values like environmental sustainability, community participation and respect for human rights and invest in companies whose political contributions demonstrate a commitment to these values (877-490-BLUE)

ball Bridgeway Funds 11 funds; inception 1994, 1997, 1998, 2001 & 2003; John Montgomery views philanthropic work as part of Bridgeway's mission and therefore donates half of Bridgeway's investment advisory fee profits to charities, with a particular focus on small, grass-roots organizations --- other unique philosophies at Bridgeway include a seven-to-one salary cap where the highest paid Partner (employee) can't make more than seven times the lowest paid Partner; Bridgeway's dependence on word of mouth, media coverage and performance charts instead of a large marketing budget to attract shareholders; and the company has an extensive code if ethics (800-661-3550 or 713-661-3500)

ball Brown Capital Management; 5 mutual funds; the firm is 100% minority owned, one of the first of its kind in the investment management industry (800-809-3863)

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For information, contact:

Dr. Ritchie Lowry
Department of Sociology
- McGuinn Hall
Boston College
Chestnut Hill
, MA 02467
Telephone: (617) 552-3346
Fax: (617) 552-4283

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